Connecting Teachers to Gigs

Why GigEd?

Teachers teach.  They love to teach.  But in today's world, they need more income. 

Nationwide, over 50% of teachers seek gigs outside of the classroom. Over 16% (national average) work a year-round second gig! 

They look on job boards, social networking sites, rely on word of mouth, and generally settle for gigs that fail to recognize the depth of their commitment, the extent of their education, and the unique characteristics of teachers as Gig Economy (part-time, and flexible) workers.  

For Teachers

Education companies use Gig Economy workers for a variety of gigs.  We believe they'll be better off all around if more of those gigs are filled by teachers!

The Solution

GigEd connects teachers to gigs at education companies.

GigEd is a community.  GigEd is a tech platform. GigEd is a relationship platform.  

For Companies

We're ready to assist you.

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